Parking Lifts

Whether you face challenges with a narrow driveway, reside on a bustling street, or need to efficiently park multiple vehicles within limited space, McKinley’s parking lift solutions are designed to meet your diverse need. Parking and car stacker lifts provide innovative and space-saving parking solutions tailored for both commercial and residential garage use. McKinley Elevators’ parking lifts accommodate most standard cars on the road today and can even support lightweight trucks and SUVs. Elevate your parking experience with our reliable and efficient parking lift solutions, ensuring a seamless and organized approach to managing your vehicle storage.

Parking Lifts by Vasari

VASARI subterranean parking lifts are designed to provide parking and/or storage for two full sized vehicles/SUVs by vertically stacking them within the same footprint. Add a car elevator to your garage or home with an underground parking system which lowers one vehicle to a lower elevation (basement, pit, etc.) for storage and security. Once lowered, a second vehicle can be driven onto a second, upper canopy platform, which has occupied the floor opening at street or grade level. Vasari car elevators feature a patent-pending four post hydro-mechanical design that is unique in the industry, and provides smooth, level, and trouble-free operation by eliminating the high-stress pinned connections associated with conventional scissors lift designs.